Prita Grealy


Hello My lovely Singers!! Welcome to the Activate Your Voice e-course. I am delighted you are here and really looking forward to teaching you all I know about the voice, singing, and some healing techniques for helping your voice journey!

4 weeks of videos + pdf’s with practical as well as woo techniques for developing your voice. Each week will have an intro video to tell you about that week’s theme and exercises. Several new vocal exercises, breathing techniques, plus some extra singing tips + techniques, journalling prompts, a meditation, some healing modalities to help you get over any fears about singing and using your voice and an affirmation or two. I encourage you to connect with me and your fellow singing students in the facebook group ‘Singing for Non-Singers’ to get live support, share your questions and breakthroughs and to have some accountability! The course is designed to flow from start to finish and be quite interactive, so my suggestion is to watch the videos and join in as you go, download the PDF’s which are at the end of each week and mark off the videos as you watch them and jot down some journal ideas.

Just your beautiful self, an open-ness and willingness to learn and try new things! A journal to write in (or download and use the space in the pdf’s) some sticky notes & a pen to write your affirmations each week! (glitter totally optional

I’m an Australian Singer-Songwriter based in Europe. I’ve developed my own career in the music industry touring as a full-time performer for almost 10 years and playing ‘on-the-side’ of my many varied careers before that for many more years, performing shows in all kinds of venues, festivals, hotels, pubs, house concerts etc. I’ve recorded vocals and guitar in many studios (on my own CD’s and as a guest on others’ albums). I have 7 CD’s which I’ve independently created and released. I’ve taught private lessons for voice + guitar, aswell as working in schools as a music teacher after hours (voice, guitar, ukelele!). I love all things to do with the voice and have a passion to help others harness the power of their own unique voice! I’ve sung forever but was also quite shy about being a performer until I got over the fear of putting myself out there and whether I was ‘good enough’.. So I am confident I can help you overcome any fears you might have about getting out there and using your own unique voice! I was also a massage therapist for many years and studied all kinds of energy healing and alternative therapies which I found to be so valuable on the self-discovery and performing journey that I’ve included some here! Mind-set goes hand-in-hand with being a good performer and having the courage to sing in front of others. I hope to be able to share as much knowledge and information as I can from my own experiences to give you a ‘leg-up’ on your voice + performing journey!