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A few new photos…

This is me being Rapunzel on the roof-top in Erfurt at Cafe Duckdich for ‘Fete-de-la-musique’… loved it!!! 2nd year in a row playing here for the festival!

…and this was My lovely audience at Fete-de-la-Musique Festival Erfurt 2013!

Fete-de-la-Musique Erfurt 2013

ONe of the most amazing places I’ve ever played was recently in Switzerland on top of a mountain.. literally!!! I had to take a scary gondola ride up to the top.. only to find that wasn’t the top.. it was only half-way.. then up again to the real summit!! ­čÖé amazing..

I played on this massive stage the other week outdoors -to a rowdy local crowd and I heard a story about a little place called ‘ADELAIDE’ in Australia – apparently it was named after the princess of this town (Meiningen) and her name was ‘Aaaah-del-heid’ ­čÖé phonetically speaking.. anyway she married some bloke… and we got the name of SA’s capital city.. cool huh!