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  • July15th

    I’m Only 302′ likes away from 2000 on my music page and would love to reach that milestone with real music fans in the next month! what-da-ya-reckon? can I do it??

    You can help by clicking ‘like’ and sharing with your friends xx thanks! Prita

  • July10th

    Hey, I know it’s been a while.. I’ve been doing all kinds of new things since we last spent time on a page together..

    Basically I had a whirlwind visit to Geneve’ (magical place) followed by Nice & Canne in the south of France.. as you do! I was lucky enough to spend a Loooong weekend with my awesome Bro Zak and his gorgeous family Fifi and JJ.. most gorgeous blue-eyed-baby-you’ve-ever-seen… (I know aunty is biased).. ps.. I may have posted ahem.. a few.. photos of him on instagram (@prita_grealy) or on facebook (

    (my gorgeous nephew JJ)

    apart from that I’ve started teaching!! YES you heard that right.. I am now “MISS PRITA” thankyou..

    I’ve had the pleasure of giving one-on-one singing lessons with students at an international school in Berlin! Lots of fun. And.. I’ve also been teaching English (Australianische) to small groups of children in schools, kitas.. and the like.. it’s been eye-opening!

    And then there’s been a bit of secret recording going on.. (don’t tell anyone yet) .. and some co-writing sessions.. and photoshoots.. just a normal month or so in the life of a muso’ :)

    (a little bit of luxury in Antibes, afternoon glass of Rose’ with ‘happy hour’ olives and dips!)

    If you HAVE MISSED ME.. you can usually find me pretty quickly on any of the social butterfly internet places we hang out.. you know.., instagram @prita_grealy, twitter @pritagrealy, youtube @pritagrealy mmm and probably a bizzalion other places..

    We have also been totally consumed by the world cup in our house and had visitors from around the globe :) tanti, :) Miss K, cousins, uncles, aunties.. it’s all happening here! fire-crackers going off most nights..

    AAAANDD.. it was my LOVE and I’s 2 YEAR anniversary! amazing huh! we decided we’d have a crack at 2 more.. :) and celebrated with a late night tapas and wine treat..

    (happy 2 year anniversary tapas)

    thanks for joining me on this page, you totally-rock-right-now, in this moment.. better believe it!

    x Prita

    ps. if your ears are HUNGRY for some tasty tunes.. head over to itunes and grab a bite to eat :)

  • July7th

    Prita’s On Tour!

    Thurs 10th July Tonfink, Lübeck
    Fri 11th July Contest Bindehaus Rodewald, Nienburg
    Sat 12th July House Concert, Bremen
    Thurs 24th July Poppy & Pint, Nottingham UK
    Sun 27th July Festival @ The Victoria Hotel, Beeston UK
    Weds 30th July Cafe Galao, Stuttgart
    Thurs 31st July Loop Festival, Leipzig

    more details

  • June6th

    18/06/2014 Prita Pub Tom Bombadil, Solingen Germany
    19/06/2014 Stadtparkustik in Zwingenberg, Zwingenberg Germany
    21/06/2014 Zimmer 16, Berlin Germany
    10/07/2014 Tonfink – Kulturcafé & Bar, Lübeck Germany
    11/07/2014 Contest @Binderhaus Rodewald, Nienburg Germany
    24/07/2014 Poppy & Pint Pub, Nottingham UK
    27/07/2014 Festival @ The Vicoria Hotel, Beeston UK
    31/07/2014 Loop Festival, Leipzig Germany

  • May29th

    Congratulations! You found the cookies!

    You can find more delicious things like this here for your ears!!

    It’s basically a cheeky way to tell you where you can download my music!!

    I also love giving stuff away and that’s why I created 5 special songs from a mix of live radio interviews to fully studio produced wham shabaaam! Tracks…

    To download yours instantly simply enter your email in the red box above on the right! You will also receive somewhat monthly updates from me personally telling you about my latest adventures and giving you the tour updates! Who wouldn’t want that, right?!

    So until next time, enjoy the imaginary cookies!! Download the real songs! And join me on this super dream-filled-music-and-cookie ride!!

    X Prita

    Ps. For a bonus prize, and if you kept with me all the way to the end… Post you favourite flavour of cookie on my facebook music page

  • May28th

    New Shows!

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    Some more Prita shows coming up..

    19/06/2014 Stadtparkustik in Zwingenberg
    21/06/2014 Zimmer 16, Berlin
    10/07/2014 Tonfink – Kulturcafé & Bar, Lübeck
    11/07/2014 Contest @Binderhaus Rodewald, Nienburg
    18/07/2014 Pub Tom Bombadil, Solingen
    24/07/2014 Poppy & Pint Pub Nottingham, UK
    27/07/2014 Festival @ The Vicoria Hotel, Beeston UK
    31/07/2014 Loop Festival Leipzig
    10/08/2014 Molino Private Function, Neuried
    13/08/2014 Kulturcafe Lichtung Köln
    14/08/2014 Kulturkaffee Rautenkranz Isernhagen

    check the tour page for more details! :)

  • April23rd

    Did you know that you can download 59 of my songs from itunes? Crazy huh!! There’s 6 Albums ‘Live in Estonia’, ‘Live in Düsseldorf’, ‘New Life’, ‘After the Storm EP’, ‘Prita EP’, and ‘Bootleg Live’ aswell as 1 Single ‘By Your Side’ dedicated to my sister’s wedding!

    You can find them all here on this itunes page –

    After the Storm EP – Recorded in Athens, Greece

    Bootleg Live EP – Recorded in Perth, Western Australia

    By Your Side – Single Recorded in Bordeaux, France

    Live in Düsseldorf – Recorded in Düsseldorf, Germany

    Live in Estonia – Recorded in Tartu, Estonia

    New Life Album – Recorded with a full band in Perth, Western Australia

    Prita EP – Recorded in Perth Western Australia with a full band

  • April23rd

    These were the entertaining words of a 5 year old on the train from Hattersheim to Frankfurt…

    Picture a father and child – the father is trying to get the kid to eat some banana – the kid in very clear German with arms waving all over the place to re-enforce his point says ‘ I don’t have any banana hunger papa!!’ – ‘ich habe schon gegessen’ (I’ve already eaten) etc… it was a moment that made me smile – watching the dad negotiate his way with his son – and finally the two of them sharing the banana… sweet..

    These are the magic moments that string together travel stories…

    On that weekend I was also in ‘Marstall’ Meiningen returning to play in a town I’ve been a couple of times – my friend Kristin took me out for a Vegan Feast at a new restaurant in town – and we had a set menu which included a plate of ‘wild leaves’ – since then every time I see I ‘wild leaf’ I think oh we could totally eat that!!

    I played in ‘Maschinchen Buntes’ Witten and had the pleasure of sharing a stage with Scottish musician Gus Munro who is a killer blues slide player. One of my best buddies Chamime came to catch up and we got to share stories and pane au chocolat.. and got to catch up with some awesome fans that travel far and wide to join me!

    In ‘Zur Krone’ Hattersheim I had a wonderful evening with fans who came all the way from Fehmarn!! (not really but that was the last time we’d seen each other :) and I was given a beautiful take-home pack of wrapped treats for brekky by the angel behind the bar :) ( totally being looked after by everyone there! :)

    I also took a couple of hours in the avo to just sit and soak in the feel of the town – I had a lovely table outside at an ‘eis-cafe’ (icecream cafe) and had a coffee and watched the people come and go. There was a table of 60+ something ladies celebrating a birthday with champagne and lots of laughter, a whole soccer team of 10 year olds rowdy and running to get an icecream, and lots of parents with kids on bikes stopping for a refreshment..

    Großkarlbach was a lovely venue too with a very creative vibe and friendly owners of “Franks’ Bodega’ set amongst the winery’s of the Pfaltz region – awesome wine!! I was hosted by the lovely Rayen & Heiko and given the tour of the medieval town nearby :) I got to catch up with another awesome buddy my old house mate from Berlin!! Julia!! :)

  • April16th

    Easter GIVEAWAYS!

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    Hello Dear YOU! :)

    If you’d like to maybe win a special treat for EASTER – head on over to my music page on facebook and ‘LIKE’ it then comment on the post

    - 1st GIVEAWAY this week – answer the following question in the comments below – “what is YOUR favourite CHOCOLATE of all time?’ and be in it to win something special from ‘

  • April16th

    Konzertkulturforumprita.doc – by Stefan Schmidl

    Konzert KulturForum ‚Prita’

    HATTERSHEIM (idl) – Man soll ja nicht all zu viel in Superlativen schwelgen, aber wer das große Vergnügen hatte, die australische Sängerin und Songwriterin Prita Grealy am vergangenen Freitag in der Hattersheimer Krone live zu erleben, der kommt an Superlativen schlicht nicht vorbei.

    Ihr Equipment nimmt sich geradezu schlicht aus.
    Während andere den halben Bühnenboden mit Pedalboards und anderen musikalischen Helferllein pflastern, steht bei der sympathischen jungen Dame gerade mal ein unterstützendes Kästchen herum.

    Das freilich hat es in sich.
    Und wird von Prita meisterlich beherrscht.

    Loop nennt sich die Soft- und Hardware, die es einem Musiker erlaubt, mehrere Stimmen beziehungsweise Tonfolgen hintereinander ein- und bei Bedarf parallel abzuspielen.
    Beherrscht man den ‚Trick’ ergibt sich eine verblüffende Klangfülle. Oder anders formuliert…

    Man hat den Eindruck, das auf der Bühne nicht ein, sondern mehrere Musiker, eine komplette Band, zu Werke gehen.

    Prita beherrscht diese Technik auf faszinierende Art und Weise.

    Aber was Sie nachhaltig von anderen Vertretern des Genres und ‚Usern’ abhebt ist, das sie den Effekt nicht zum Selbstzweck erhebt.

    Hat Sie nämlich auch gar nicht nötig, denn ihre Eigenkompositionen kommen melodisch, stimmlich und textlich so geballt und wuchtig daher, dass es einem phasenweise schier den Atem verschlägt.

    Texte voller Poesie, Klanggedichte die anrühren.
    Prita versteht es, Gefühle in Worte zu fassen die nie kitschig oder gar abgeschmackt, sondern bis zur letzten Silbe treffend sind.

    Sie vermag es mit Leichtigkeit in märchenhafte Welten zu entführen und man geht gerne mit auf die Reise.

    Wenn Sie, bodenständig und grundehrlich eine vergangene Liebe besingt, geht es einem genauso.

    Eine wahrhaft seltene Gabe und so verwundert es nicht, das die vielgereiste junge Dame aus Fremantle auf ihren Tourneen in Australien, England, halb Europa bei jedem ihrer Auftritte mehr als nachhaltige Eindrücke hinterlässt.

    Sieben Alben hat Prita Grealy bisher eingespielt, einen Querschnitt gab es am Freitag vergangener Woche auf Einladung des KulturForums und des Folkclub in der Krone in Hattersheim zu hören.

    Sie rockte als Vorband von Simply Red vor 11.000 Zuhörern und verzaubert in kleinen Bars und Musikkellern gleichermaßen ihr Publikum.

    Ohne jede Frage, eine musikalische Ausnahmeerscheinung, die, und da muss man kein Prophet sein, eines nicht allzu fernen Tages den ganzen großen Durchbruch schaffen wird.
    Ihr musikalisches Juwel funkelt so hell und klar , dass es auf Dauer nicht übersehen, pardon, überhört werden kann.

    Ganz, ganz große Performance und allemal jedes Superlativ wert.
    Prita darf getrost in einem Atemzug mit Performern wie Alanis Morisette, Pink, Amy Winehouse oder Melissa Etheridge genannt werden.

    Sie gehört zu den ganz Großen.
    Schön, dass man sie in Hattersheim hautnah und grundsympathisch live erleben durfte.

    ENGLISH TRANSLATED VERSION BELOW :) (co of the wonderful Google)

    idl -
    Konzertkulturforumprita.doc – by Stefan Schmidl

    Concerts Culture Forum , Prita ‘

    HATTERSHEIM ( idl ) – One should not indulge too much in all superlatives yes , but who had the great pleasure to experience the Australian singer -songwriter Prita Grealy last Friday in the live crown Hattersheimer who comes to superlatives not past simple.
    Your equipment takes from downright simple.

    While other half the stage floor paved with pedal boards and other musical Helferllein , is the likeable young lady just around a supportive box .

    This has of course in itself.
    And is also a master of Prita .

    Loop is called the software and hardware that allows a musician , several voices or melodies in succession play a parallel and when required.
    Once you have mastered the trick ‘ gives a startling sonority. Or in other words …
    One has the impression that no one on the stage, but several musicians , a full band , go to work .

    Prita has mastered this technique in a fascinating way.
    But what is sustainable apart from other representatives of the genre , users ‘ , she makes no effect for its own sake .

    Did you namely not even necessary , for their own compositions are melodic, vocally and lyrically clenched so bulky and therefore that it a phased almost takes your breath away .
    Lyrics full of poetry, sound poetry touch the .
    Prita knows how to put feelings into words that are never cheesy or even absurd , but accurately to the last syllable.

    You can kidnap it with ease in magical worlds and you go like on the journey .
    If you are down to earth and thoroughly honest sings about a past love , it’s just a .
    A truly rare gift and it is not surprising that the much -traveled young lady from Fremantle on tour in Australia , England, half of Europe leaves more than a lasting impression on each of their performances.

    Seven albums have been recorded Prita Grealy , a cross-section took place on Friday last week at the invitation of the Cultural Forum and the Folk Club in the crown in Hattersheim heard.

    You rocked as the opening act for Simply Red in front of 11,000 listeners and enchants in small bars and music basements alike their audience.
    Without any question , a musical anomaly that , and because you have to be a prophet , in the not too distant future will make it all the big breakthrough.

    Your musical jewel sparkles so bright and clear that it is not overlooked in the long run , sorry , can not be heard .
    Very, very great performance and always worth every superlative .
    Prita could well be mentioned in one breath with performers like Alanis Morisette , Pink , Amy Winehouse or Melissa Etheridge .

    It is one of the greats .
    Nice that you could experience it first hand and in Hattersheim fundamentally sympathetic live .