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  • September19th

    Do you ever feel like you’re holding yourself back from really enjoying what is around you?

    I had a realisation today that I’ve been ‘holding back’ from exploring my own neighbourhood and letting my creative spirit come out.

    Being a creative person you need stimulation in the form of different environments, people watching, reading, writing, taking pictures and generally appreciating the beauty around you.

    Sometimes I feel like I just need to explore. Get out of my routine and just wander and see where it leads me. I find the most rewarding things when I let myself do that. Sometimes it feels like a real luxury. But sometimes it also feels like a necessity.

    Cute french Cafe

    This is the place I found today on my little wander, my exploration, lead me to a gorgeous little french inspired cafe right around the corner from where I live! I can’t believe I’d never really noticed it before and that they even do ‘Soymilk’ coffees (rare)!! I am impressed to say the least, and am sure I’ll be back there again sometime soon.

    What about you? Have you explored your own neighbourhood? is there a new cafe around the corner that you’ve seen but not tried yet?

  • September2nd

    It’s September already! (my birthday month) can you believe it!! :) This year feels like it’s flying by..

    I’ve got some new free stuff FOR YOU!! – if you use an ‘android’ phone there is now a free downloadable app to follow my gigs and updates from reverbnation!

    (Maastricht, Netherlands)

    Last month was quite a busy touring month with some great gigs all around Germany and Holland! (awesome private house concert in Maastricht – thanks Mathias & Tilly! ), private functions (in amazing venues – thanks Bruno), Concerts in Koln and Isernhagen in great venues! (thanks Michael and Stefan) and singer songwriter comps in Nienburg (thanks Petra) which I happened to WIN!! after making it through 3 rounds! how exciting! I got the opportunity to play an extra show and sing alongside the guys from the Spencer Davis’ Band which was a thrill! and I also had the opportunity to meet some great muso’s and sing together on stage! (thanks Mat Charles and Desmond Myers)

    This month is a Songwriting and Recording month with sessons booked in to record demo’s and create new music for your listening ears! :) I will also be taking a little holiday as part of my birthday celebrations!@@ yaya..

    (it’s my birthday happy face… 8th Sept.. presents welcome.. hahahahah)

    I will be doing a couple of Special Shows in Berlin this month:

    - 18th September 22uhr – at Quasimodo, Charlottenburg – Berlin Unplugged Festival (Presented by ProFolk)- with many great artists including Mckinley Black, Teresa Bergman, Marcel Brell, Katinka Lion, Be mine or run.. and many more! for more details..

    - 28th September 2pm – Donau 115, Neukoln – Cheeky unplugged totally acoustic gig coming up soon in Berlin..(it’s going to be recorded! so if you want to be on the live recording clapping and hollering.. you can come ;)) This is part of the event series at Donau115 in Neukoelln. The series is called Donaufruehstueck.

    - It’s a brunch-time show (14:00 doors, show starts around 14:30)
    – Cheap coffee and snacks are available for everyone.
    – It’s all acoustic and/or battery powered. There will be no PA, and
    nothing that plugs into a wall is allowed.
    -aesthetically it’s nice to hear things raw and bare sometimes, and the
    room sounds unusually good

    One of the previous events is up here for you to get an idea of what it all feels like

    (Vicfest – UK Derrin Nauendorf)

    The next BIG TOUR coming up is the UK!! (late Oct-Nov) I was there just recently for the Vicfest.. so if you’re one of my UK friends you can see if any of these dates suit you and pop it in the calendar! more tour details here…


    25th Oct, The Boat, Cromford
    26th Oct, Platform Tavern, Southampton
    28th Oct, Mrs Yarringtons, Battle, Hastings
    30th Oct, The Vic Hotel, Beeston, Nottingham
    31st Oct, Marquis of Lorne, Stevenage
    1st Nov, The Royal Oak, Brampton Derbyshire

    (the Leipzig Loop Festival I played at)

    After the success of my teaching at Berlin International Schule I’m starting to give private 1 on 1 music coaching lessons in Berlin Mitte! I will be taking students age 8-15yrs from 3-6pm Monday to Thursday. If you know anyone interested in learning more about vocal techniques, breathing, posture, songwriting and performance please pass this on!

    The lessons are €30 for an hour of one on one coaching or €20 for half an hour. In this time we will be covering vocal warmups and scales, learning to sing cover songs, performance techniques, microphone technique, singing for the stage, breathing & posture, there will also be the option of learning songwriting skills too!

    Singing is great for improving confidence and helps with vocal articulation, rhythm, body posture and overall happiness!

    Now taking students aged 8-15yrs from 3pm-6pm Monday to Thursday. The coaching will be in Mitte, Berlin.

    Book now!

    I was also lucky enough to have heaps of visitors over the last few months – including my Tanti, My Cuz Sophie, my Uncle & Aunty from Sydney and some friends! its’ nice to have a taste of home (oz) away from home and staying up late having cups of tea and speaking.. ‘Austraaaaaalyan’ :)

    Thanks for reading this far! you are amazing.. and have the reading and concentration skills of legend.. yes.. it’s true..

    x Prita

    ps. I also started a great course which I’m loving!! ok.. 3 great courses which I’m loving.. I love studying in my spare time.. ;) they are Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp’ it’s awesome, amazing.. I could go on.. and on.. Denise Duffield Thomas is a great teacher and the online community is soooo supportive. (I am an affiliate too because I really love her work).

    The second one is Cari Cole’s FF program for Music Biz – I’ve been studying different programs by CC for a few years and love her biz knowhow and style.

    And the third one is Leonie Dawson’s ‘Double Your Biz’ she has heaps of great courses and workbooks, meditations etc.. and I’ve been part of her academy for years so I always have something new and exciting to sink my teeth into to study! (I’m also an affiliate of LD).

  • August21st

    When I decided to join the ‘Lucky Bitch Bootcamp’ a few months ago I was hesitant because I was like.. what am I signing up for.. ? another online course.. will this work? etc.. I haven’t finished the last one I was doing.. etc..

    I love doing online courses because – I can do it from the comfort of my own home, in my own time and theres’s always a great online community that comes with it.

    Fast forward to now.. and I can honestly say it has up-leveled every aspect of my life, and best of all it is a continuous thing.. you can keep moving onwards and upwards, clearing away money blocks, upgrading your life and enjoying it!!

    ‘Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp’ is awesome, amazing.. I could go on.. and on.. Denise Duffield Thomas is a great teacher and the online community is soooo supportive.

    I highly recommend jumping in and doing the work to make your life amazing too!!

    x Prita

  • August20th

    Just look over to the right of this page and you will see a gorgeous little peachy red box where you can join me!

    This way you will be updated with gigs, musical milestones, stories and pics from the road! and of course get your 5 free songs from moi’!

    x Prita

  • August4th

    New Tour Dates

    Posted in: News

    New Tour Dates…

    10th Aug, Private Function, Molino
    12th Aug, House Concert, Maastricht
    13th Aug, Kulturcafe Lichtung, Köln
    14th Aug, Kulturcafe RautenKranz, Isernhagen
    15th Aug, SingerSongwriter Comp, Nienburg
    16th Aug, Finale SingerSongwriter Comp, Nienburg

    for more details check tour page!

  • July15th

    I’m Only 302′ likes away from 2000 on my music page and would love to reach that milestone with real music fans in the next month! what-da-ya-reckon? can I do it??

    You can help by clicking ‘like’ and sharing with your friends xx thanks! Prita

  • July10th

    Hey, I know it’s been a while.. I’ve been doing all kinds of new things since we last spent time on a page together..

    Basically I had a whirlwind visit to Geneve’ (magical place) followed by Nice & Canne in the south of France.. as you do! I was lucky enough to spend a Loooong weekend with my awesome Bro Zak and his gorgeous family Fifi and JJ.. most gorgeous blue-eyed-baby-you’ve-ever-seen… (I know aunty is biased).. ps.. I may have posted ahem.. a few.. photos of him on instagram (@prita_grealy) or on facebook (

    (my gorgeous nephew JJ)

    apart from that I’ve started teaching!! YES you heard that right.. I am now “MISS PRITA” thankyou..

    I’ve had the pleasure of giving one-on-one singing lessons with students at an international school in Berlin! Lots of fun. And.. I’ve also been teaching English (Australianische) to small groups of children in schools, kitas.. and the like.. it’s been eye-opening!

    And then there’s been a bit of secret recording going on.. (don’t tell anyone yet) .. and some co-writing sessions.. and photoshoots.. just a normal month or so in the life of a muso’ :)

    (a little bit of luxury in Antibes, afternoon glass of Rose’ with ‘happy hour’ olives and dips!)

    If you HAVE MISSED ME.. you can usually find me pretty quickly on any of the social butterfly internet places we hang out.. you know.., instagram @prita_grealy, twitter @pritagrealy, youtube @pritagrealy mmm and probably a bizzalion other places..

    We have also been totally consumed by the world cup in our house and had visitors from around the globe :) tanti, :) Miss K, cousins, uncles, aunties.. it’s all happening here! fire-crackers going off most nights..

    AAAANDD.. it was my LOVE and I’s 2 YEAR anniversary! amazing huh! we decided we’d have a crack at 2 more.. :) and celebrated with a late night tapas and wine treat..

    (happy 2 year anniversary tapas)

    thanks for joining me on this page, you totally-rock-right-now, in this moment.. better believe it!

    x Prita

    ps. if your ears are HUNGRY for some tasty tunes.. head over to itunes and grab a bite to eat :)

  • July7th

    Prita’s On Tour!

    Thurs 10th July Tonfink, Lübeck
    Fri 11th July Contest Bindehaus Rodewald, Nienburg
    Sat 12th July House Concert, Bremen
    Thurs 24th July Poppy & Pint, Nottingham UK
    Sun 27th July Festival @ The Victoria Hotel, Beeston UK
    Weds 30th July Cafe Galao, Stuttgart
    Thurs 31st July Loop Festival, Leipzig

    more details

  • June6th

    18/06/2014 Prita Pub Tom Bombadil, Solingen Germany
    19/06/2014 Stadtparkustik in Zwingenberg, Zwingenberg Germany
    21/06/2014 Zimmer 16, Berlin Germany
    10/07/2014 Tonfink – Kulturcafé & Bar, Lübeck Germany
    11/07/2014 Contest @Binderhaus Rodewald, Nienburg Germany
    24/07/2014 Poppy & Pint Pub, Nottingham UK
    27/07/2014 Festival @ The Vicoria Hotel, Beeston UK
    31/07/2014 Loop Festival, Leipzig Germany

  • May29th

    Congratulations! You found the cookies!

    You can find more delicious things like this here for your ears!!

    It’s basically a cheeky way to tell you where you can download my music!!

    I also love giving stuff away and that’s why I created 5 special songs from a mix of live radio interviews to fully studio produced wham shabaaam! Tracks…

    To download yours instantly simply enter your email in the red box above on the right! You will also receive somewhat monthly updates from me personally telling you about my latest adventures and giving you the tour updates! Who wouldn’t want that, right?!

    So until next time, enjoy the imaginary cookies!! Download the real songs! And join me on this super dream-filled-music-and-cookie ride!!

    X Prita

    Ps. For a bonus prize, and if you kept with me all the way to the end… Post you favourite flavour of cookie on my facebook music page